My name is Werner E. Mairegger, born in the south tyrolean alps in Italy back in 1981. After completing my studies in computer science in Munich I started my professional carrier as a software development engineer in a small company in Munichs east. A few years later I made it to the automotive industry where I work until today.

My education made it simple for me to build up a strong interest for new and old technical, electronic and software topics.

As a kid I suffered strong under hay fever and therefore I couldn’t play with the other kids outside in springtime. That is why my parents bought me a first small Casio keyboard to have a pastime when I was roughly 10 year old. And this is how my fascination for music started.

After short time I started playing in a local worship band and over the years I made my way through a couple of top forty cover and rock bands.

My main musical influence are back in the eighties of the past century. My big idols are Toto, Genesis and Deep Purple and many others. I want to thank here my all time heroes David Paich, Steve Porcaro and Tony Banks.

In the year 2000 I bought my fist version of Steinberg Cubase VST 32 and I started to deal with sequencing and recording. Since then I have gradually built up a small studio where I like to spend a lot of my free time.

Being creative and expressing myself with music by using keyboards, synths, plugins and music technology is that what I stand for. That is what my slogan Filling Silience With Music stands for!

Best regards