During my recent business trip to Japan I had the chance to visit the Yamaha Flagship Store in Ginza (Tokyo). It is just an awesome place for people interested in music but for all others too.

You will find a lot of things to explore about music in the (if I remember it right) 8 floors of the shop. There is a concert hall, a recording studio, a piano & keys department, a brass & strings department, a scores & merchandise department (the score department is really big) and last but not least the synths, guitars and drums section!

I had the chance to play the amazing electric piano in the reception hall. It was one of the most wonderful moments I will remember forever.

Playing piano in the reception hall of the Yamaha Flagship Store in Ginza

Don’t forget to take a coffee in the bar – it’s one of the best places to get a really good espresso in Tokyo ;-). The bar contains a jazz trio setup with video installation. Just sit down and wait for the next playing session.

Please find here a few pictures and impressions from my visit:

For details about opening hours please visit the website of the shop. As it is only available in Japanese you can use google translate to read it: https://www.yamahamusic.jp/shop/ginza/experience_area_en.html

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